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12 Jul 2020 

Generate Code to embed your Google 'My Maps' map into your Website or Blog


We recommend that you use our newer site at to create embedded maps.

• Map Channels is a site based upon the My Maps Plus design with a number of improvements and new features.

• Map Channels is free to use and works in a very similar way to My Maps Plus.

• You are welcome to add any of your maps that are listed on My Maps Plus to Map Channels.

• Note that My Maps Plus can still be used to create map scripts if you prefer.

For logged in users
  • After you create a map script you can change your settings to fine tune the map's appearance.
  • A list of all maps you have added is available in your Profile.
  • You are adding this map anonymously, standard map presentation format will be used.
  • If you are logged in you have access to the full range of map presentation features.

Map Settings

  Copy the URL of your KML map data and Paste Here

  Map Information (Optional)

Share this map in the library of maps

Your Map Name

Map Classification



Region (state,county,etc)

Town or City


* Required field for shared maps

Your Map Name
  • Leave blank to use the MSID as your map name (default)
  • or enter a more user friendly reference name (better)
  • Use alphanumeric characters only without spaces
  • This name will be used in the URL to reference your map, e.g.
  • Enter a region name if all map places are within the same region
  • For US States use the 2 letter state abbreviation, eg, CA
  • Enter a town or city name if all map places are within that town or city
  • Enter up to 6 key words separated by spaces. These word should ideally be included in the map title or description
Map Title and Description
  • Title and description are obtained automatically from the data within the map KML file.

  Click the Create Button to generate the map script and preview the map.