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12 Aug 2020 

About The Site

My Maps Plus lets users easily embed maps into websites and blogs. The site takes maps designed using Google's My Maps service and adds extra features and options to customize map appearance to fulfil a range of mapping needs.

Maps can be combined with geo search services to let you search for wikipedia articles, local businesses, hotels or events.

Development Notes

This website is in the beta stage of development and as such may contain bugs. If have any problems to report please email us at mashedworld @ (or use the Contact Page). Comments, feature requests and suggestions are welcome too.

Commercial Maps

If you are a business with a requirement for a map using a special set of features please contact us for a quotation.

We can develop maps for a range of purposes
  • Custom search channels
  • Standalone reference
  • Interaction to assist navigation or transactions
  • Animated slideshow maps
  • Educational / training maps

Terms and Conditions

The map creation service is free of charge. We have added a small link bar to our sites within the map, this way we are able to offer the MyMapsPlus service for free. You agree that all map data you provided is your copyright, available on a creative commons licence or is copyright material used under 'fair-use' terms.

Maps you create are available for you to use on your site for non commercial or commercial use. A copy of the map may also be viewed on this site or on other websites provided the content and attributions remain unchanged. is an independent website not affiliated to Google.

Previous News

Version 1.09 New options let you create animated slideshow maps to make your map display more eye catching.

Yahoo Upcoming events have also been added, you can search on your map for local events taking place. Upcoming events are currently only geocoded for the US and Canada but this feature should be expanded soon.

Links to full screen maps are now included on the map, letting users view the map in maximum detail.

Version 1.08 has a number of search related features.

You can now search the library of shared maps and view maps by classification or by country.

A Geo RSS Feed has also been added, so you can subscribe and view new maps as they are added to the site.

A new feature for embedded maps are Map Search Channels. These give you and users viewing your map access to multiple geo-search engines. You can use the search channels to find places and articles from Wikipedia, find upcoming events, search for hotels and search the local phonebook for businesses.

The event and hotel search channels use sponsored content which helps to fund the development and running of this site without having to include advertising within the embedded maps.

As a quick note, polylines are no longer clickable. The code to provide this features works well for polygons but for not so well for polylines. For now, you can view details about a line on the map by clicking on the sidebar listing for the line.

Version 1.07 New features have been added to the big map. This can now display multiple My Maps in the same area. This page is work in progress so some extra features will be added to the Big Map page in the next few weeks.

Maps can now be classified. We've opted for a fairly simple system based on the maps already submitted to the site. These classifications will be used for the library and the big map both of which are beginnining to grow substantially (thanks to everyone sharing maps on the site).

One new criteria for shared maps is that they should either contain at least 10 elements or include features of special interest. You can still create scripts from any kind of map, this change is just to make the big map more interesting to view.

We now support map titles and descriptions written in languages such as Japanese and Chinese, instead of just showing '????' for the title as we did up to now.

Remember to set the language of your map when creating the script. Your map controls will then appear in your language instead of English, provided that Google supports the language.

Another item to check out is the FAQ section which has a new section of Mapping Tips to help you create better looking maps. The section is fairly basic, please use the Contact page to send in any tips for inclusion.

Finally please check the list of your maps and :
(1) Set the map classification, language and country
(2) Delete or unshare any out-of-date maps
(3) Try to make titles as descriptive as possible, avoid titles like 'Test Map' or duplicate titles.

Version 1.06 is ready with alot of new features. In particular you no longer need to register to create a map script. However to make use of all the site features to customize a map's appearance you do need to be a logged in user.

There have been some changes to the map add / edit page. If you have created a map previously please check the latest options and generate a new script to add the new improvements to your own site. Also we would be grateful if you can check maps you have created in your profile and delete any old versions you no longer use.

The new fields for language and location have now been integrated into map descriptions on the site so more information about the maps is available on the site.

We have removed the license options as on Google My Maps the only status for maps is shared and unlisted so we are using these two basic settings which keeps things simpler. If you choose to share a map you can include a link to your own site and also include a small image to represent the site. This image is displayed within the map sidebar (Click the 'Map Info' link to view it). Map library listings now include the map image and the style options selected for the map to make the map library alot more colourful. So many maps have been added that will soon add paging and categorisation to the library.

Coming soon, Google have anounced that Traffic Layers will soon be included in the Maps API - this has been added as an option now so when the feature is available your map can include traffic information.

Version 1.05 is here. The major new feature is the Big Map of My Maps which shows all shared maps on one big map. When you view the big map be sure to click on the square box in the top-right corner of the info windows.

Version 1.04 is released with improvements to the way the sidebar works. Because different maps have different presentation needs there are now a number of options that let you set how clicks on markers and the sidebar are handled.

Key features are that the sidebar can now be hidden in a similar way to Google Local Maps. The header on the sidebar is optional, as are the detail level and view controls on the header. Because of this change the 'simple' map mode has been merged with the 'advanced' mode as you can now have a full frame map with an optional sidebar.

Another new feature is marker list sorting - listings can be sorted alphabetically or left in their original order.

For places that have a very lengthy description the 'Concise Info' option is provided. This only displays the name of the place in the info window (the bubble text on the map) and displays the full description in the sidebar. This greatly improves the presentation of maps where previously the information was not readable without a lot of map panning.

Quite a few new attributes have been added for maps. These include the location of the map - you can specify a town city, region and/or country where your map is located. You can also set the language the description is written in. These fields will be used in the next release, for now they can be entered but are not yet used when displaying maps.

One important new feature is script auto updating. If you share your map you can choose to have your script auto update. This will create a new script once every day to keep the script map up-to-date with the original map KML.

Version 1.03 of the site is here with a lot of new features and bugfixes.

One of the main improvements is that lines and polygons are correctly displayed and are clickable. Thanks to Mike William's Google Maps API Tutorial Site and Alien Ryder Flex for the code that helped to do this.

Code is now placed into an IFrame to remove the problems occuring with previous versions. If you are using a map script created with v1.01 or v1.02 then that will still work, even if you create a new script. All the maps on the site are now displayed using the new scripts so all maps will (hopefully) display correctly. Also some duplicate maps have been un-shared to tidy up the library.

As the next stage we are looking at adding better categorization to make browsing the map library easier. Once again thanks to everyone who has contributed maps and feedback. Rememember that you can at any time go to your map list in the Profile section (see top right) and customize your map in a lot of new ways. Please use the contact form for any feature requests or questions.