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23 Mar 2019 

Surf Spots in Darwin
It may be very hard to believe but you can actually get surf in Darwin. I'll admit it is rare. Very rare. I've been surfing the past three years and have found the following areas to be the best. I only went and found a couple myself, and the rest were well known before hand. I've included the tide heights and wave levels as well as links to the virtual buoy pages to check it all out. Generally the only time you can surf is when a cyclone is approaching, hitting, or leaving Darwin. Surfing with the wildlife is dangerous, but so is everything else is the world. Most sea li don't like the rough sea's and tend to head out to sea, and croc's hate
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Tags:darwin, surf spots, mindil beach, surfing
Added by:justincavery
Date:24 Apr 2007
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