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12 Jul 2020 

Noel's Church Locator
Because there are so many college students in our church, we experience constant turnover. People graduate, get jobs, and move. One of the most common questions I get is "do you know of a church in [INSERT CITY NAME] here?" Most of the time, I don't. Some of the time I do. I set up this site to create a list of churches that people can check out. Please feel free to add any churches that you feel people may want to check out. Realize that because this is a public resource, I can't speak for all of the churches listed. I will make a notation on all of the churches that I can specifically vouch for, but beyond that you are on your own. That's why your comments are so valuable. If you have first hand experience with any of the listed churches, please comment and tell us a little bit from your perspective. Hopefully this little experiment will work.
Map Elements:110
Tags:jesus church locator riverview noel heikkinen
Added by:noeljesse
Date:27 Apr 2007
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